3 Full Day Travel Guide to Cabo

I have had a few people tell me they want to visit Cabo and what should they do, where should they stay? Here is a day by day itinerary of how I would spend my first trip there. And this is how I may spend my fourth trip there. Yes, that is just how much I love going to Cabo. I do recommend arriving in the evening, our last trip we did and were pleasantly surprised at how there were so many empty seats on the plane. We made it thru customs very quickly and with the new international terminal at the airport you no longer exit the plan outside. I have to say this airport was hands down way better than LAX! Depending on what type of hotel atmosphere you are looking for would depend on where I would stay. If you want the best of both worlds, relaxing and fun then I would stay at The Pueblo Bonito Sunset. If you are younger and want a fun all the time, loud music with a club at your resort, then I would choose the ME Hotel. Next on my list is to stay at the One and Only Palmilla or Esperanza’s. I have heard both are outstanding.

Day 1:

Eat breakfast at The Office. Awesome bloody mary’s and you will not be disappointed in the breakfast food. All of the seating is on the beach, but I do suggest sitting a table back from the ocean. There will be vendors trying to sell you things, but they will not enter the restaurant area. If your lucky you may even see Dr. Hangover there.

After breakfast I would head over to Nikki beach and grab a bed. You will want some shade by the afternoon, the sun here is intense. From here there are many options, renting water activities. I recommend renting waverunners but remember, never pay full price, everything is negotiable! If there are 2 of  you I would get your own, way more fun this way. And be sure to rent for an hour, 30 minutes isn’t long enough. This is a good way to also see all the other resorts along the water.

For Lunch my favorite meal at Nikki beach is the Chicken Satay. I had it for the first time at the one in St. Barth’s (can’t wait to blog about that place) and it was to die for! A few spots down is a place where you can get a 60 minute massage for only $30! Well worth it and if you can do this daily. The DJ at Nikki beach starts around 3 and brings in a crowd, well worth experiencing at least once. Always a fun group here and the service is hard to beat.

For dinner the first day I would go to Edith’s. But make a reservation well in advance. Trust me you may not get a seat if you don’t. If you read my previous blog about Cabo then you already know to order a ceasar salad and for dessert banana’s foster. I absolutely love watching them make it at your table. Tip: if you order a margarita be prepared, they are strong. Our last trip we had one and we couldn’t go out afterward. But if after spending a day at Nikki beach and margaritas at Edith’s if you still want to explore Cabo head on over to Cabo Wabo, you never know, Samy Hagar may play. Yes, that is a lot to do in one day but your on vacation…..you can sleep on the plane.

Day 2:

If you did venture out to Cabo Wabo I’m sure you will be needing a bloody mary, again The Office is perfect for that, but the breakfast at Pueblo Bonito Sunset is pretty good. They do offer all inclusive, but unless you are not wanting to leave your resort I’m not sure if that is a good way to go. We usually don’t eat 3 full meals a day when we travel and we like to see different places so for us all inclusive here wouldn’t be the best idea. I would plan on enjoying the lower level pool today. This pool is much quieter than the one at The ME Hotel, but the beach area is not near as crowded and you will not see vendors hounding you every 5 steps.

For dinner I would eat at Sunset de Mona Lisa. Again, make your reservation prior to your trip and make sure you are there at sunset. After I would head downtown and basically “bar hop”. I would make a stop at The Giggly Marlin, Baja Junkie, and the Knotty. All are walking distance and not too far way.

Day 3:

I would head back to the beach area of the first day. You don’t have to go back to Nikki beach, there are tons of other areas there that you can rent chairs but they do have the nicest area by the beach that is first come first serve with no fee. But before you do I would make a stop for an early lunch at Senior Frogs. Great spot to people watch and this is where if there is a cruise ship they drop off passengers. You never know what you will see  here. You then can take a water taxi over or walk along the beach. It is a pretty far walk, but there is plenty to see along the way. Once you get there if you haven’t tried paddle boarding I would recommend doing so. Depending on how many cruise ships are in port and how many wave-runners are out will obviously determine the waves. Still fun and worth trying. Then make a trip to snorkel at Lovers Beach. Tons of colorful fish and the water is very clear, you can see pretty far.

For dinner if your wanting a nice restaurant, La Gloridrina is the place to go. Fabulous food, service, and atmosphere. Or dinner on the beach is always a romantic choice. As you see there are plenty of great restaurants here in Cabo and I’m going to have to start staying longer so I can eat at all of my fav’s and visit others. At least that is what I am going to tell my husband.

3 full days in Cabo really isn’t enough, but if is doable depending on how long you have for vacation. This May we will be there for 6 days again for my husbands birthday.




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